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Photo Gallery

Class & Training Photos Class & Training Photos Kansas Chapter TWAW From the first meeting of the Kansas Chapter of THE WELL ARMED WOMAN 185484675 Mauser Testing Testing the new Mauser at the factory in Germany 185484676 Idaho Training 2013 185484677 Idaho Targets Targets are a lot meaner when Pete is over your shoulder yelling at you 185484678 Quivera Class Goody Bags for one of the Quivera Training Classes 185484679 Beth & Becky Universal Security Training in Idaho from Pete Italiano 185484910 Idaho Training Shooting Prone 185484911 Becky & Nate One of my younger students, grandson Nate 185484912 Nate & his target Nate is learning very well 185484913 POF-USA Certified Armorer Receiving my Certification as a POF-USA Armorer 185484783 Teaching Kentucky Class Teaching students proper trigger pull 185484784 Kentucky Class Another view of teaching trigger pull 185484785 POF-USA Armorers Class Disassemble 185484786 POF-USA Class Get ready to re-assemble (watch out for the small parts) 185484787 Idaho Pistol Class 185485891 Idaho Rifle 185485892 Idaho - Universal Security Training 185485893