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Photo Gallery

South Africa 2017 South Africa 2017 Cyndi and I taking a break 204496814 Jake and the hunting camp dog 204496815 Nate and his Impala 204496816 Jake and his Springbuck 204496817 Nate and his Springbuck 204496818 Nate glassing the terrain 204496819 Jake and his impala 204496821 Nate and Blesbuck 204496822 Nate and Warthog 204496823 Jake and Zebra 204496824 Nate and Blesbuck 204496825 First animal blooding ritual 204496826 Nate and Wildebeest 204496827 Me and Nate 204496828 Me and Cyndi 204496829 Jake and Me 204496830 A regal Kudu 204496831 Cape buffalo 204496832 Mama and baby 204496833 The stripes of Zebras 204496834